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2 months!!

It doesn't even seem real but we're 2 months out today.  People keep getting so excited for us but I'm so stressed out and it still just seems so far away!  I know I'm going to wake up and it's going to be here, but I just can't imagine it happening!!!  Crazy!!
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Re: 2 months!!

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    Us too and I cannot wait!
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    Me too! I keep wondering what I may have forgotten to do... :  )
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    I know! These last few months are going to feel so long even though it's really probably going to fly by without me know it. :P
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    I'd say they'll go fast given all the smaller items that will come our way soon!  Although we are not at 2 months until next week (17th)
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    We are at 2 months tomorrow and I'm in shock! I still have a lot of little projects to do and a bunch that will slam me right at the end (like seating chats, escort cards, programs). I just learned one of my BM's is have a kidney removed on Oct 3 and has a 4-6 week recovery time!!!!!! That puts her right to the wedding! So we can't print anything until we know if she can be in the wedding or not! I have a friend who was going to be in the wedding, but had to back out because she thought she was moving out of state and she said she could step in at the last minute if needed (the other BM's stuff should fit her). Aaaaah!!!! Too much!
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    At two months too!! :D  Getting more excited, getting more stressed ;)  I did get another job but I'm working a TON of hours, anywhere from 55-68 hours a week so time for projects has taken a MAJOR hit, but at least I can afford to get the stuff I need now! ;)  I got two more RSVPs today! Yay! :D
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    Eek!  I can't believe it.  We've gotten a lot of the major stuff accomplished over the last few weeks that the wedding will be here in no time!  The only major thing left to really figure out if flowers, but we're having a big meeting with our florist next week, so hopefully that will get mostly decided then.  
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    Happy to report that all major vendors are booked (yay)... so now i can focus on smaller items and little DIY..although I think all my DIY is done.  Just the small things here and there: personlize serving set, get flutes and personalize, get cake topper, etc.  
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    A little less than 8 weeks for us.  I'm kind of dragging my heels on some things on the list because I have a project that I want to get done.  I keep figuring once I get it done then I'll have time for wedding stuff.  Some I have to wait on anyway...
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