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I finally got the invites in the mail! With only 72 days to go, I'm a little behind the 8 ball.Embarassed
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Re: Finally!

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    No, I think some girls here are starting to send them out around now.  Its not to late by any means!
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    I sent mine out this week.
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    I'm at 57days and just put them in the mail today for my 11/3 wedding.  Eight weeks is the typical guideline so you are fine.
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    Thanks! For some reason I was thinking I needed to send by the 3 month mark. I feel so much better now!
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    I think you're fine.  The only reason we sent ours out already is because our wedding is November 2nd.  

    Don't stress if someone else on here mentions that they have something done and you don't.  Our weddings might all be in November, but they can also be 4 weeks apart!
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    We just sent ours out today too!!! Congrats!!  And I don't think you're late at all...'cuz if you're late, then I'm REALLY late :)
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    Nope, you're fine. I sent mine out on Tuesday and am at 66 days now. We got our first 6 RSVPs yesterday! You're totally fine. :)
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    Still haven't sent mine out yet, so you're fine.  Ours should be going out this weekend but it has been a CRAZY busy month for me.  I feel exhausted just thinking about it.  Waitng on a lull in the busy-ness so I can take a breath. LOL
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