November 2012 Weddings

16 days!!!

November 24th is ALMOST here-- of course we have to go through Thanksgiving first! But I'm so excited. I try not to think about it because when I do time goes by even slower.

1. Age
2. Grooms Age
3. State of Wedding
4. How many people
5. Honeymoon

1. 22
2. 21
3. Arkansas
4. About 100
5. Shreveport, LA!
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Re: 16 days!!!

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    I have to try and not think about it because everytime I do, I feel like my entire torso is full of butterflies & my heart starts racing... lol I thought this would start to happen around 2 days before... certainly not this far in advance!

    1. Age: 28 in less than a week :(
    2. Grooms Age: 30
    3. State of Wedding: Ohio
    4. How many people: 30
    5. Honeymoon: None :( But we may get a new flat screen tv for our wall & hopefully adopt an adorable dog, so I can't complain!
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    Happy Early birthday!! Yeah it's coming fast :)

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    Nov. 23rd here! I'm getting so excited/anxious. Family is coming from half way across the country, so I'm so excited to see them! My mom flys in next Saturday, can not wait! My FI keeps making little cute comments, I know he's excited too :) On the way to work today, "Let's Get Married"- Jagged Edge came on. I YouTubed it and blasted it the whole way to work! I teach 2nd grade, couldn't get it out of my head! My kiddos have also started calling me by my new name, even though I told them we could wait until next year :p

    1. I'm 24
    2. He's 35
    3. We're in NC
    4. 45 guests
    5. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in April (I want it now!! lol)

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    Thanks, shemiahl! :)

    That sounds really exciting asmithpoulin! Too cute about your second graders! :)
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