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stress, stress, stress

OMG!!! So our venue told us before that they need payment 48 hours before the event.  48 hours.  We get married Thanksgiving weekend (saturday).  And told us that they need the final numbers and payment a week before the wedding cause they are not open that Thursday and Friday (really) you tell me this now.  I am so pissed.  We were planning on going in and paying the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  That is 72 hours before the event.  This is just stressing me out majorly.  WHy Why Why...and she wants the final meeting when I am not available because she is due to pop any day...not my problem should of told me this long time ago.......

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    Our final payment was due Wednesday before our Saturday event. I don't 72 hours is uncommon and it should have been in your contract. I knew the final payment date before we even signed on the line....I get it sucks, but really what does a week change in regards to the money?
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    My payment is due 10 days before - I don't think I'd ever be able to pull money 2 days before! 
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    I hope you worked it out.  My final payment is due the Friday before my Sunday wedding.  I have the payment in an envelope ready to go BUT looks like I'll be under the original payment so I will be saving money.
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