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November 2012 Weddings

6 months and so much to do!!!

I'm trying not to stress and taking it one step at a time but it's so hard not to freak out.

I still haven't booked a caterer, dj, or florist!

What are you girls missing???

Re: 6 months and so much to do!!!

  • Don't fret, I haven't ordered a cake yet lol Trying to wait until fh comes in town in July
  • No caterer here either.  My #1 choice is still too high for our budget.  So the search continues. Also no officiant yet.  Fi said he would find the officiant but I am thinking he needs help.

    As long as you have your venue, the dj, florist and caterer are pretty easy to book.  If you're on a tight budget like me, it might take some creativity and more research but once you find them, it should be smooth sailing from there.  

    My florsist was the 1st vendor I booked. LOL. I walked into her shop by chance, told her what I wanted, what my budget was and we worked out a number that I was comfortable with.  Then I booked the venue (I had the venue but hadn't put a deposit down yet).  Then the photographer was next.... again, walked into his studio by chance one day.   We actually had our Dj first but he's Fi's cousin and we're also using a playlist so he's not really a 'vendor'.

    I still have a lot of little things to get done...that is what is making me worry.  Because the little things add up and I don't want to be doing a lot too close to the wedding. I hear stories of brides doing projects until 2 am th enight before the wedding... I don't want that to me.  I want to be done with 'projects' well in advance and not have to give up anything because I ran out of time.
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  • With us, we booked everything in January with no problems, so its just the smaller things we are waiting on.  Our rings are ordered, mine is in, his isn't, so we have to pay for that soon which is a fortune (not looking forward to that! lol).  Invites are ordered from Michael's, they said 6-8 weeks so they should be in by July 1st, she said to check back in June re: the status.  I think we finally decided on favours....although I was adament I wasn't doing them, so we are doing chocolate bars with personalized wrappers, getting the wrappers from whimsywraps.com...and figuring out how/what to do for programs.  Otherwise we won't be busy with things until this fall when paymetns are due, food contracts are due, etc. 
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  • I am a little closer than 6 months, but we still have to order our bridesmaid dresses, find transportation, invitation selection, passport stuff, all the church stuff
     and much much more
  • Hi there,
    Have to officially book the videographer, but have already spoken with him. Need to meet with the florist (to select flowers) and bakery (to taste and select the cake) in the next couple of months. Won't have our venue tasting until possibly July. Dress has not come in yet but probably won't for a couple of months. Many, many other things on the list, including selecting wedding bands ~ but the major vendors are booked. It is exciting, but from here on I'm expecting things will get busier as our date gets closer (178 days!).
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  • I feel better to know I'm not alone, lol! My amazing FI walked into a tux/dress store and reserved all the tuxs for the GMs and for our ring bearer and flower boys (we don't have a FG). At the time I was stressing out about my BM dresses because I couldn't find something in the color I wanted and something affordable. Amazingly, FI even found my BM dresses! The girls are picking out their dresses this Saturday.

    Aside from the major stuff, we have already decided on invites but we are going to DYI so have to buy the fabric and materials. Next thing we are purchasing is our linens.
  • kfraskfras member
    Still looking for a florist, I've had meetings with many but trying to shop around for the best price. Still haven't ordered BM dresses, which has me stressing, I feel like everyone is way past this step! Aside from those two things everything is pretty much done... (next step: invitations?)

    Thankfully, our caterering was included with our venue, and the cake is included as well, we just have to meet with the bakery to choose flavors and design :)
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  • 6 months tomorrow, woot!  We're booking the florist this wknd.  We still need to figure out tuxes, order invitations and programs, favors (if we do them), bridal party gifts, fmil needs to plan the rehearsal dinner, hair & makeup trial in June and will sign contract then, dress is in I just need to go try it on and schedule fittings for later on, need to decide on bridal jewelry.  All other vendors are booked and really we're just saving up for all the big payments coming up.  I work in a school so I'll have the summer to get the rest done.
  • We're in the middle of cake tastings, and I'm going to take the flower girls for their dresses this weekend. Invites are in and we just need to assemble them. Vendors are all done, the girls have ordered their dresses and I have my dress, shoes and veil in hand. I just booked an appointment for my first fitting in August (I was told the woman that I wanted books months in advance!). FI has taken care of suits and we have our bands.... just a whole bunch of little things to do, but it does get overwhelming sometimes!
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  • Still need to go BM dress shopping, shop for wedding rings, bridal accesories, still haven't registered.  Haven't ordered invitations yet, although we have norrowed it down to a few selections.  Have to book the honeymoon still, although we have decided where we are going.  November still feels far away but so close at the same time!
  • You still have time, but don't wait too much longer. It'll come before you know it. I need to print invites, menu and cake tasting, which I plan on doing in July. I also need to figure out a hair and makeup person and a tailor for. I have all my other vendors with florist being booked last just a few weeks ago.

    We got married 11/3/12!!

  • 6 months today!! I need to book the florist, purchase his ring and just take care of the little stuff!
  • Ugh, I haven't ordered the invites yet.  All the big stuff is taken care of but these details are never ending.  Glad we're all in the same boat :)
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  • Lacey3, your list looks a lot like mine!  Good luck - I'm also planning to work hard this summer. 
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  • Our wedding is on a Monday. Vendors have reserved our date for months with no deposit while we got through medical issues. We still have the cake, everything music, transportation, florist, rings, all clothes (even my dress - haha), invitations, on and on. But I figure it's just a matter of spreading the stress over a year, or spreading it over 6 months. And the delays in planning have been out of our control. Like I said, medical issues.
  • It looks like a good number of us will be busy doing many wedding related stuff this summer....so will I! I already told FI to expect many WR weekend and he was supportive about it. We had our first WR weekend - selected BM dresses and our wedding coordinator along with purchasing our table number frames and gold chargers. Oh, and we even decided on how we want our floral centerpieces to look. Needless to say, we are both exhausted but it feels good to get stuff done towards our big day!
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    [QUOTE]Our wedding is on a Monday. Vendors have reserved our date for months with no deposit while we got through medical issues. We still have the cake, everything music, transportation, florist, rings, all clothes (even my dress - haha), invitations, on and on. But I figure it's just a matter of spreading the stress over a year, or spreading it over 6 months. And the delays in planning have been out of our control. Like I said, medical issues.
    Posted by ElisabethJoanne[/QUOTE]

    I hope it gets better for you and your FI! Hopefully, less stress and happy planning :)
  • ElisabethJoanne you just reminded me about the whole transportation thing.  Yikes, I hadn't even thought about it yet!
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  • Portland, Ore, Ayn? I'm like across the street from San Francisco International Airport, so I just googled "limo rentals" and my ZIP code. About 6 companies let me contact them through their websites. I got 2 or 3 firm quotes.

    I did have to think hard about how many people in how many cars for each stage. We're doing the "very traditional" thing with 1 car for the bridal party, 1 car for bride and father, and a car for the groom. Then after the ceremony, the bride and father's car becomes the bride and groom's car. I had to lay it all out in my e-mails to the limo companies. If that kind of thinking is hard for you, it might be better to call.

    Further thoughts: There's a website for renting classic cars from individual owners. If you then pay even a friend to drive it, there's major insurance issues. But if you want something "cool," and relatively inexpensive, this is an idea.

    We may not do the limos (actually town cars) at all. My parents think it's too flashy, but I want to be sure the car is CLEAN if I'm wearing a big white dress. But others might consider spending what they would renting a limo on getting a car they owned detailed.

    I advise against a horse and buggy. My cousins did this for their First Church of Portland wedding. It was smelly.

    And thanks for the support, everyone. We're moving along OK now, and the major players are healthy and cooperating.
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    Well got to check a few more things off my lists, some minor details, some major ones.

    Got my baker (meet with him on Tuesday to finalize the look and details... won't need to actually order the cake until a week before but his cake is delicious and CHEAP).
    Got my hair and makeup person.  She offers a bridal package for an mazing deal and I will get a trial run of hair and makeup in October.
    Got my engagement ring (SQUEEL)!!! Can't wait to wear it.
    Found our wedding bands... going to get them this weekend.
    Got my tiara today and hopefully will go get my jewelry tomorrow.
    Got the wedding invitations envelopes (need maybe 24 more).

    Little things (and the rings) but i feel so accomplished.  OH and we finalized the bridesmaids dresses and got them measured...going next month to buy the material with the seamstress.  First fitting for my dress in September... and it will be paid in full then too. 

    I also have a meeting with the caterer tomorrow... hoping to book him after the tasting.  

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