GM drama!

So this is kinda old news since it has all passed and there is a happy ending. But since the board is slow, I thought I would gab and vent.
When FI picked GM's, he had one more spot open to match my girls. Well one of my best friends got the spot. I was happy, because, well, he's my best friend. But... oh there is always a but... he had to deal with his wedding first, Feb. No biggie. Nothing wedding related that he had to deal with yet for mine. Then comes the phone calls saying, I don't know what kind of job i'm going to get, I don't know if I can even make it to your wedding. Okay, I wouldn't have been at all annoyed except this guy made a HUGE deal about the people who couldn't attend his wedding. So I thought he was being kind of hypocritical.
Eventually, I told him that to cause him less stress, I wouldn't be upset if he bowed out of the WP. This is after he told me over 5 times about how he didn't know if he could be in it. Once was enough in my opinion.
So he bows out and FI and I had a back up in mind for months. Really, FI wanted to pick this person instead but thought it would make me happy cause he picked my best friend instead. It was sweet, but the back up is like a brother to me and is a very close friend as well. I would have told him to pick him in the first place.
So now he is the new GM, and I'm very happy about it. He's more responsible, reliable, all of the above.
But the old GM, he keeps making remarks about how I should tell people that he was originally a GM. Or how this GM was second pick. At first I took it as joking, but now he's said it like 4 or 5 times and I 'm getting pissed. First of all, he was the one who couldn't commit. Thats understandable. But don't take the honor of being a GM from the new one. I think that is a horrible thing to do. It just really bothers me. I told him of course it's not gonna happen and he keeps acting like he's joking.
Now he's been moved to usher status, but I told him he has to be able to attend the rehearsal, thats the way I want it so I'm not throwing out instructions the day of the wedding. We'll see what happens. If he can't make it to the rehearsal, he's moved to guest status. And he keeps saying hopefully him and his wife can make the wedding at all! Gah! Just annoys me.
Like I said, it's old news, but thought I would vent it out to make sure it's out of my system. I just hate the fact that he was so hung up on everyone attending his wedding, and was actually pissed when people couldn't, then turns around and does it to me. Thankfully, I'm not like him. I understand if people can't make it.
Okay, that was all! I'm happy with the new GM and FI and I have an appt with Men's Wearhouse mid April. I know I've heard bad reviews, but so far, they have been very attentive towards us. Phone calls, appt reminders, so I'll give you all my experience when we're done there.
Thanks for listening!
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Re: GM drama!

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    Oh wow, your old GM seems to be very selfish.  I'm sorry that he's a being a booger.  Hopefully he is just kidding so the new GM doesn't feel bad or awkward.  I'm glad things are working out. :)
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    At least things seem to have worked out for the best.  And yeah, if you can, I would discuss with the ex-GM how you don't appreciate him constantly bringing up how he was originally a GM and that people should know the new GM was a "second choice."  Nip it in the bud if you can because based on what you've said about him, I would worry he would tell other guests at the wedding all of that.  And like you said, that's unfair to the responsible guy who is a GM.
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    I thought you were gonna tell me all about your Grandma Drama.  Duh.  ;)
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    hahah, carrie- at first i thought the same thing!!!

    brandy- that is really horrible that the first gm would act like that! i'm really sorry and i hope that the new gm isn't offended if that one says something.. i'm not sure how i would feel if at the wedding i was the new gm and the old gm decided to mention how i was second pick... hopefully he isn't that immature.

    but, glad you got a better one in the end! thats awesome!
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    Why do you want someone who can't commit to coming to the wedding to be an usher?
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    Yeah, I know right? But I told him his deadline to let me know if he can't even do THAT is farther out than GM. I guess I'm just too nice!! Lol!

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