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A week to go!

I'm ready for it!  All the planning is either done or under control.  I still need to spray paint the anchors that are going on the mason jar aisle decoration, finalize the Ispy photo cards, and finish gathering the props for the photobooth.  I can't wait to drop off all the stuff at the  hotel on Tues so it's out of my hands and done!  I'm starting to have crazy dreams though.  How is everyone else doing?

And for those that just got married, how was it?  Any last minute tips for us?

Re: A week to go!

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    I can't wait for that drop off moment too! I'm so close, just a few little things to finish. I want the planning to be done though! Let's get married, party, honeymoon and start our life as a married couple...! That's how I'm feeling ;)
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    It's so exciting! I really need to start sorting things and getting some of my things packed.
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    I'm in the same boat! One week today! I can't believe it! I'm just finishing place cards, a sign for sitting anywhere and the photo booth, gathering things for people to write their notes for the photo booth, then PACKING!!!!! :) We are most excited that they changed the weather forcast to 45 and sunny! It'll be cold, but that rain may stay away now! Although, we just checked St. Lucia and it's supposed to be raining when we arrive. :( Oh well, we'll be MARRIED!!!!!
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    Still got a handful of small projects here, my mom drives in on Tuesday and I know she'll be a big help with a few things, especially since I can't find my darn glue gun! :)  We're getting close, ladies! :D  I got my dress back from the shop yesterday, they fixed what they didn't do right for free which made me feel a LOT better, his sister comes into town today and is a HUGE reminder that I've been a very bad sister-in-law-to-be.... I've really been wanting to learn sign language so I can talk with her easier and get to know her better but I just keep spacing it. Hmm maybe the FI can do a total imersion crash course the rest of the week for me ;)  Today I'm feeling actually very unmotivated... I did so much cleaning yesterday that I just want to be lazy today and I shouldn't >.<  Today the big task I believe is working on our playlist again... FI's other computer (thankfully not his new one) died that had what we had started on it. Thankfully all the actual music is on the portable drive :)  Now to do more digging for father-daughter songs ;)
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    I got married last night and it was absolutely incredible. By far the best night of my life! Good luck to everyone else :) Have a great time! 
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