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We met with the DJ last night and we are still struggling with the following, so I thought I would ask yiu guys what you are doing:

1. What are you and your bridal party entering to?

2. What music are you playing to get the crowd on the dance floor?

3. How are you ending the night?

Re: Music

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    Hi, for the reception you mean?

    1) reception entrance - a song that is a local song here, so there is no need to type the name.  But if we weren't using that song I'd probably do "tonight's gonna be a good night" by black eyed peas (which I am sure is done to death, lol, but I like it).......which is probably will be our song to start the dance off for your second question. 

    3) We aren't doing a last dance.  The party goes until the wedding ends 2-3 AM or until  the place vacates, whichever comes first.  So party and drink up until then :)

    For ceremony we're having

    bridal party - canon in D
    me - jesu joy of man's desiring
    we'll figure something out for the string quartet to play for the register, something more upbeat
    recessional - wedding march
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    Hi! My DJ is amazing, so I don't need to give him certain songs for getting the crowd on the dance floor or for ending the night. We'll just be partying until they kick us out. :) 

    We will be entering the reception to Everlasting Light by the Black Keys. It has a great beat and is a fun song. They're my FI's favorite band.
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    Our Parents: James Brown "Get up off that thing"
    Bridal Party: Mac Miller "Knock Knock" Clean version
    Us: "Stranglehold" by Ted Nugent
    Ending the NIght with Piano Man...its a tradtion with our friends

    Our Families are both full of people who love to dance, so i dont think we need any motivating music....I dont want any line dances although my mom is pretty much begging for the CHa Cha slide to be played
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    This is something we really need to work on. FI wants us to walk in to Hells Bells, which is totally awesome. BUT, my cousin will be there and that is what her and her husband came in to. SO...not gonna copy.....
    Meeting with DJ this next Tuesday...
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