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Boudoir photo shoot

So I mentioned a few months back that I had purchased a Groupon for a Boudoir photo shoot, that I was going to use for FI's wedding gift. Well, I had my shoot yesterday!!
It was such an amazing experience and I couldn't be happier with how everything went! My photographer was awesome, and she made me feel so comfortable and safe that I had absolutely no problems stripping down to my undies for her and the camera! I went in completely nervous and not knowing what to expect, that I almost cancelled my session a few times. But I'm so glad I didn't .
Also, I recently lost 25 lbs, so I'm still in that stage where I don't feel like I lost the weight and am uncomfortable with myself. But after seeing the pictures, I have gained so much more confidence. The photographer made me look so good!
If anyone is interested/thinking about doing this for their FI, I highly recommend absolutely doing it! If you're in the NYC/tri-state area, this is the photographer I used, and I can't praise her enough! 

She sent me home with a low-resolution CD of all my shots, but I can't wait to get my prints! Now all I have to do is find a way to hide them and keep it a secret from FI until the wedding! Wink
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Re: Boudoir photo shoot

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    Good for you!  Sounds like you had a very positive experience.  I also got a Groupon for a b-shoot and my appt is 1/28...looking forward to it!  I still have to figure out what I will bring to wear. 
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    Awesome, good luck! I hope you have as good of a time as I did. I ended up bringing 4 outfits with me, but only used 3. I did one with FI's work shirt (he's a police officer), one bra and panty set, and one baby doll.
    My photographer recommended more solid colors like black, bark blue, grey, dark green. And said to steer clear from anything bright, like pink and yellows. The fourth outfit I brought was a red bra and panty set, which I ended up not using. Also, from my experience yesterday, I would stay away from a baby doll. I got some cute pics out of it, but the photographer said they're hard to work with because of their shape when photographing.
    Also, I brought my wedding shoes with me which I was able to wear with 2 of the outfits and they looked awesome! So glad I was able to incorporate them into the shoot!
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    I'm hoping score a groupon soon and also have a consult in Feb with a photographer...Price really is the factor.
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    They're totally fun, aren't they?  I had so much fun when I did mine.  And honestly, if you have a good photographer, it's really all about the angle and lighting!  I'm no waif, but my photographer made me look sooo slim and curvy that even I thought she edited the photo, but it was all in the lighting and the angle.  :) Totally made me feel super sexy and beautiful.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat. 
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    How do you get the boudoir coupon with Groupon? I've never used Groupon before. That shoot sounds like a lot of fun!!!!
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    You just sign up for groupon for your area and they send you daily deals.  Every so often there are photography deals, including boudoir. 

    My session was AWESOME, but I am STILL waiting for my picture CD.  He said I would get it later that week and I didn't.  I waited 2 weeks to send a followup email and it's been a week with no reply.  I will try calling this week.  He is a very busy photographer, so I can understand a delay, but I don't understand the lack of communication.  Hopefully I get them soon and are happy with them!
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