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I know I'm a newbie................but this board is slow.....
Are y'all still planning??? I pretty mcuh have it all finishedLaughing
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Re: SSSLLLLOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm formerly a May 2013 and newly November 2012.

    The change was just a couple of weeks ago, so now we really have to get moving on the planning. We were planning our May 2013 at a very nice pace, but since the change, we're so far behind. I'm trying to decide where to even start in order to get our ducks in a row.
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    What are you looking for? Advice? Stories, etc? Yes, this is a slower broad, but it's also a long weekend and people are out doing things. What is your date? Are all your vendors booked? If not I would move ASAP! Not much time left
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    tell us about you!!

    Our wedding is November 11 in Columbus, Ohio.
    We live in Florida, and will be moving to Ohio about 2 weeks before the wedding! I am big on DIY and am hand making TONS of things for our wedding! I recently finished our invitations and am working on strassing (putting on rhinestones) my shoes. 

    Our "theme" is Ohio State and bling. haha. Sounds weird, but it is turning out great!!
    Happy planning and congrats!
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    Not all finished.  We can't do favours or programs until our RSVPs come back so we can have a fairly accurate number before we order/make these things. 

    Dress fitting this month, guys have to get measured this month too.  I think those are our largest items for September - wait for RSVP's, get measured, get my dress fitting done and over with. 
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    There are about 20 posts just from the past week.  Lots of them about planning.  Browse the board and jump in the conversation!

    I personally don't start conversations as much as I used to because our planning is just about finished.  That and I've been engaged for a year now and talking wedding can get kind of old.

    We need some more NWR posts on here!
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    My wedding is November 30th. We just "officially" got engaged, but have been wedding planning since the beginning of August. We're in a rush... LOL I have my dress, the bridesmaid dresses but everything else is all up in the air!!!
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    Well, I haven't been on here much.  But I feel like I finally am getting the ball rolling on all the small and big details.  I can't wait for the day to get here but need all the time I have to finalize everything.  It's hard to focus on anything NOt wedding related right now and it's kinda sad LOL!
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    We pretty much havve everything taken care of now. Nothing left to do until a few weeks before and a couple days before the wedding. We are marrying in a friend's church, by said friend. Our reception will be at the restaurant that FI works at...he is an Executive Chef. I'm just ready for it to get here....
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