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Your to do list

I'm slowly chipping away at ours, 12 days left! 8 til we head to the island!
Over the summer I picked up 54 vases from thrift shops, yardsales and Goodwill for 40 bucks total! I washed them today, only broke 2 (oops!). What have you checked off lately that has felt really good to be done with?

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Re: Your to do list

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    14 days left and I cannot wait.  I finally got my RSVP's in and it feels so good. YAY.  I will be under budget and I am so happy.

    Also finishing up the programs today.  That's exciting and working on the seating chart so I can get started on the escort cards (still not sure what I am doing for that yet).

    Oh and I finally got my bm's tanks for the day of so that was good. $2 each whoohoo! 
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    Just very recently:

    Paid off photographer
    Ordered catering
    Bought beverages / resolved our beverage dilema
    Found something to put rocks in for the rock ceremony
    Finally decided seating & cermony music

    Still to do:

    Wash rocks
    Buy sharpies
    Buy guest book
    Decide on cake & cupcake flavors
    Make music play lists & burn to disc
    Type out song list for SIL & officiant
    Memorize vows (yikes!)

    I know that there is still more, but I cannot think off the top of my head.
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    Food for rehearsal dinner
    Food for wedding
    Pick up veil that was made
    finish programs

    and that's about it!!

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