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Anybody else kinda sick of all the last minute meetings?

Nov 17th here

I wish all these meetings/payments/finalizations were over.  Oh my goodness.  A lot has been accomplished but there is still stuff to do obviously. 

We have to pay for our string quartet this week, next week meet with the caterer re: meals and details and final payment, pay for the florist and approve the bouqets the day before the wedding, makeup and hair trials, rehersal obviously, family staying with us, aaannd I think that's it.  I have a few emails going back and forth between vendors.  I feel at work I am not productive because my mind is elsewhere or I have too many things to do that cannot be done in the evenings.

Anybody else pooped when they get home after work?  On one hand I am excited for Nov 17th to get here, on the other I almost wish it WAS here to relax and just have everything pan out the way its going to pan out.

Oh and who else is guilty for checking long range weather?? lol
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Re: Anybody else kinda sick of all the last minute meetings?

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    I don't think we need to feel guilty for checking the weather after Sandy. All our events are inside, and most guests are local, but that doesn't mean a storm couldn't mess things up. OTOH, if rain looks very likely, I'll delay cleaning the path from the house where I'm getting ready to the curb.

    Wedding-planning has been mostly fun for me, but not the last 4 weeks of planning. Now, it's just reviewing all the decisions that were fun to make. Also, though we've been very organized, now that we're so directly dependent on others - guests to Rsvp, parents to pay vendors, etc. - others' procrastination has really gotten to me.

    And, yes, there have been surprises that would have been no big deal even 3 weeks ago that now are so. frustrating.
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    I just had 1 final meeting, with my photographer.  It was fine.  I have a ton coming up next week but I wa so all last week so I had to push 2 back.  I want the final meetings to be over with too.
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