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November 24, 2012 Brides!!

Hey Everyone!

Who else out there is getting married November 24, 2012?

I know it is technically fall... but I am choosing a winter wonderland theme (especially since we live in Canada it might not be so fall-y at the time).

Also... if we get married in December in a Catholic church it is technically advent and we won't be able to customize our mass as much!

So far away yet still so close!!
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Re: November 24, 2012 Brides!!

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    I'm way late on this, but I'm getting married November 24 and am going with red, ivory, and sage green- which I did because it's kind of fall, kind of winter. So I think it is the perfect time, because you can choose either winter or fall! Best of luck to all of you as the time approaches, God Bless!
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    I am Nov 24 bride as well. Our colros are burnt orange and purple!! I'm going with the fall theme since we don't really have a winter season. 
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    Hi everyone! I am also a 112412 bride and cannot wait! We are doing a wintery theme, I live in Northeast pa so it'll pretty cold, and also I feel that a wedding after black Friday is pretty much the Christmas season! I'm not doing a Christmas theme but I opted fresh centerpieces for lanterns and my girls are wearing black. I can't wait any longer :
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    Hi Ladies! I am also a November 24 2012 Bride! Today is 80 days till our weddings!! Im so exited! I am getting married in CT and my colors are poppy red, pewter greay and Ivory. We are doing a more fall theme since i wanted my wedding closer to the summer but this was the only available date at my venue! Its comming up!!! :)
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