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videographer vs. not having a videographer

I was suppose to get married in November but due to the hurricane have rescheduled to Jan. We originally were not going to have the ceremony and/or reception videotaped but recently I have started to think that I would want to. I am eager to hear from both brides who HAVE had their wedding videotaped and those WHO WISHED they did have it videotaped. The cost is not an issue as it would be done by a friend. THank you!

Re: videographer vs. not having a videographer

  • We did not have our wedding videotaped.  We do not regret it.
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  • We almost didn't get one, then a few weeks we decided to splurge and get one. Everyone we talked to who didn't have one said their one regret was that they didn't have a videographer. I am so glad we did!!!!! I was so nervous and had so much running through my head that I don't remember what our offiant said to us or even what our vows were (we found some online that were different from the traditional ones, but our officiant changed them a little to make them shorter). Our photographer got some great shots, but I can't wait to relive everything. They also didn't capture my excitement right before we were pronounced man and wife, which my friends said was the cutest thing because I was practically jumping. I would say to spend the money and get one!
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  • We did not have a videographer but as time has passed and we've talked to people who attended our wedding we are realizing we missed so much because we were so focused and nervous. My husband and I both swore Ave Maria our favorite song was never sung at the wedding but our parents and friends insisted it was. I wouldn't change my mind about no videographer at the reception but if I could do it over again I would have had a videographer just for the ceremony. Good luck in January. I hope your wedding is everything you want it to be and more. We also had some last minute changes and vendor cancellations due to hurricane sandy.
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    If you can afford to have a videographer I recommend it. We just received our video and we love it. There are precious moments that we would have missed if we didn't have it and we're so glad we got one.
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  • Absolutely!! I am so excited to see our wedding video! There is so much that happens that day that you will want to relive those moments, and see ones you've missed. And since you said a friend will do it, so cost is not a concern, you have nothing to lose. I am sure you will not regret it!
  • Thanks ladies! I think I am going to push for the hubby to be to do it! 
  • We decided at the last minute to have one and we are very glad we did.  The day was great, but kind of a blur. It went by so fast  with so many people to talk to and so much happening all at once, plus we were a bit nervous being the center of attention all day long!   We are looking forward to seeing all of the details that we were too busy to notice! We put so much work into the planning and persentation and now we'll be able to see how it all looked through the eyes of our guests. Moreover, we'll be able to see things we missed, such as the guitarist we hired for our cocktail hour who we never even saw or heard because we were busy taking pictures.  I give a strong vote to having a video!
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