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Bridesmaids dresses - long or short

Given the month we are all getting married, I'm wondering whether you all are chosing long or short dresses for your bridesmaids/maids of honor? I originally picked some cute short dresses but I'm now a bit concerned that they should be long, given the potential for chilly weather. My sisters are my bridesmaids and they've said they will happily wear whatever I want them to :) I just don't want them to be uncomfortable.

We're getting married in Colorado. We will walk outdoors approximately 3 blocks from the ceremony to reception. I was planning on just wearing coats if it was cold. The dresses aren't purchased yet so I'd love to hear what you are all planning while I still have time to change my mind.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Bridesmaids dresses - long or short

  • Where we are getting married it will be inevitably I chose long, satin dresses for the girls and I may even buy them pashminas for any outdoor photos too
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  • We're having more of a casual wedding, so my girls are doing short dresses. NY has been somewhat warmer the past few years in November, so I'm not too worried about it being too cold with the length of dress.
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  • I'm having an outdoor wedding, but I'm in FL, so its typically still on the warm side in November. I almost went with long, but changed my mind at the last minute and went with short dresses. Maybe you could find a happy medium with tea- or cocktail length.
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  • I too am having my BM wear short dresses but I am also getting married in Florida.....I've been told the weather is usually around mid to high 70's during my outside ceremony time of 4:30.
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  • i'm letting my girls pick their dresses... short or long doesnt matter to me, they know the weather will be chilly, but as long as the color matches i'm okay either way... each dress will be different but all tied together by the color.  however our ceremony and reception are in the same location so there will be no traveling from place to place.
  • I went with long not only because it's November and cold, but because our wedding is a bit more formal. 
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  • I am doing short dresses and we are in RI. The only time we will be outside is for pictures. The girls are fine with it.
  • I am in New Orleans and compared to last year in November it still felt like summer...but we still went with long dresses because the wedding will be more formal
  • My girls are wearing short dresses, mostly because they all said long wouldn't look good on them. We're in Oregon and it might be cold, but we'll have some sort of swearter or wrap and are only doing outdoor pictures and everything is inside and we'll have a huge roaring fire in the fireplace all night.
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  • Thanks for all the responses! I think I'll stick with the short dresses but give my sisters pashminas like Miss_2010.  Warm and stylish :)
  • my bridesmaids are wearing short, I prefered them and here it could be 70s or 40s so it is hit or miss, but we won't be outside very mcuh! 
  • We're doing short dresses.
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    [QUOTE] Maybe you could find a happy medium with tea- or cocktail length.
    Posted by Blodwyn727[/QUOTE]

    This is what we are doing.  We didn't think short was formal enough but long seemed stuffy, so we went for tea-length.
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  • Just having a MOH and she is wearing a long dress but it is sleeveless. We are both going to look for wraps to wear, just in case it is chilly up here.
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  • i know  a website ,
    u can ask to make a custom dress , but don't worry ,  they won't charge for extra money ,just the dress and delivery  , about your size ,color ,shape ,they will make it completely according to your desires  , i bought  4 dresses from them ,pretty beautiful ,high quality ,in rief ,it is worth trying ...
  • im getting married in nov 2014 in central fl outside... should i chose long or short dresses
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