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Mason Jar Center Pieces!

I am looking around for ideas and figured you girls are so good at giving advice or good ideas, or anything that I would post and see what you guys thought!

My wedding is going to be I guess what most people would call "redneck" but formal! My FI and I are HUGE outdoors people and 90% of the year we are wearing our camo, weather we are going out to eat or to church or things like that. So needless to say, our wedding colors are camo and black! (I am very excited) well I was trying to think of center pieces for the longest time, its actually one of the only big details I have left to really figure out! I love the idea of mason jars...

SO after all this my question is, being that we are getting married in fall. Knowing what our colors are (p.s. the flowers are fall colors with orange and cream and such) What do you think would be a good idea to place in the mason jars. If you have any ideas! Please post. Pictures are welcome!!

Thanks Ladies!
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Re: Mason Jar Center Pieces!

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