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XP : Spray tanning

Hey ladies.... I have only ever used a tanning bed for a "quick tan".... Of course, only when getting ready to go to the beach , so I don't fry or when I was younger for proms and such. ANYWAY.... I would like to have a little bit of a tan for my November 3rd wedding. I have never spray tanned...any advice? I'm so afraid it'll rub off on my gown, even if I do it days before.....
Can someone tell me the pros and cons?
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Re: XP : Spray tanning

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    I am getting a spray tan for my Nov 3rd wedding. I have done it in the past for weddings and I really like it. I highly recommend going someplace where a person sprays you, rather than an automated booth. That way you get an even tan. Maybe give it a try before to make sure you like it. 
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    I just bought a living social deal for 3 tans. I just am not sure how far on advance I want to go. I've done it once before and liked the results.
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    I haven't done it, but I've read on these boards to do it about three days before the wedding so if it's going to rub off, it has time to on other stuff and should be nice by the big day. Also, exfoliate a lot before you go in ;)
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    I recommend reading some past posts on the Wedding Beauty board.  You can find a lot of good information there.  

    I love airbrush tans and plan to do one for our wedding.
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    Ooo I got my 1st Mystic Tan on Friday so I have lots of advice if you use mystic vs an airbrusher lol. My main piece of advice....use an airbrusher lol.

    Overall I think my color looks ok (Im not orange) but there's parts where I'm uneven and the bottoms of my feet look like I live in a mud pit. I MAY do it again, but please do a trial run before the wedding to see if you liked it and iron out any kinks you have the first time.

    I did it for e-pix we have next weekend. I think I"m going to suck it up and just regular tan for the wedding. I mean, I smoke so I can't be THAT worried about the cancer aspect....

    Anyways, good luck with whatever you decide! :)
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    I recommend air brush & go now to to try to make sure you don't have a reaction to it. If you do, you have time to recover. Also it will help you decide how dark you want to go. I did my first spray tan almost 2 weeks ago. Must say it's lasted fairly well & didn't have anything rubbing off on clothes except for the first day. My wedding is also Nov 3rd. I'm going the Wed. before to be sprayed. Doing it that early because sprayer said don't do on day of reherersal or you have a lot of running around to do. Reason is if you sweat before it's had a chance to set (within the first 10 hours) solution will run & streak. Also want to make sure that it's set before spa day w/fiance which is the morning of our rehersal.
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