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First fitting tomorrow! :D

... if I get off work on time anyway ;)

I'm actually really excited.  I have been SO beyond frustrated with my weight. I finally gave up counting calories and any real form of exercise since I was too tired working 60+ hours a week anyway, made a few small dietary changes, and things have FINALLY shifted for the better.  I think ditching all soda was the best, all I drink all day is water and the occasional tea when I get home. I think it was the stress of trying to figure it all out too ;) My friend tried some of those pills to help lose the water weight before her first fitting, I'm giving them a trial run, they seem to be helping a little as well.  I actually feel confident going into this tomorrow :D  I still don't have any shoes (SO broke) so I'll be using something similar height to whatever I plan on getting.  Tonight I get to work on my veil, hopefully re-dye and halfway style my hair, then tomorrow it's straight off work to get the FMIL and off to the tailor! :)  Not entirely sure what I'm doing for jewelery yet, my mom has some stuff she loaned me but I don't know how it'll all look together.  Might bring a few different pairs of earrings and see :) I'm excited!
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Re: First fitting tomorrow! :D

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    Oh how exciting!  I am sure it'll go great!  I have my second fitting in 2 weeks.  Don't forget your shoes!
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    Yay!  Congrats.  I went in for my first fitting last week and it was so exciting!  I was so relieved that it fit perfectly and all that it needs is hemming.  I go back in a few weeks for my final fitting!
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    How did the fitting go? Did you get any photos?

    I have my first fitting on Tuesday! 
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    Good for you! It is exciting. I had my second fitting yesterday and I'm just about good to go! Definitely remember to bring the shoes and if you know what you are going to wear underneath, bring that too. Good luck!
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    Yay.  I had my 1st fitting and I nearly jummped for joy (actually I DID jump for joy).  The seamstress and her assistant started laughing.  I had to ask them if it was really my dress.  All paid for and nearly ready togo.  Fitting went well.  It fits but I told her I want to lose 5 pounds. It is a corset though so no issues there.  So excited.
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