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I was given a wedding dress over six months ago by a woman that work with my mother, she said it was a dress she bought it for her daughter but her daughter didn't want it. Months ago by and I had to get it alter due to water weight gain, so my mom let her know we had to alter it a bit and thank her once more. A day or two before the wedding she ask my mom if what I was going to do with the dress after the wedding. My mother wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, then she ask my mom if she could have it back. I told my mom I was probably going to keep it since I invested 142 dollar in alterations. Now it's the day before my wedding the lady who gave me the dress sent me an email wanting the back right after the wedding or my honeymoon saying it was her dead daughter dress. This was never mention to me or my mom in the past six month since she gave me the dress. I didn't read the email until couple days after she sent it. I was very upset and the dress got mud all over it cause it rained on my wedding day and I had an outdoor wedding. I was furious with her demains, but I did give her the dress back  in an "as is" condition. Now she demands I pay for the dry cleaning for it. I don't know what else to do in this situataion other than blocking her from my facebook account.

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    Wow. Craziness. It's not fair to you, but I say just be the bigger person and pay for the dry cleaning fee (although I wouldn't trust her on the price - find out yourself what it costs). Then be done with this lady.
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    Since you mentioned this dress was originally purchased for this woman's daughter who is now deceased, I am inclined to say cut her some slack and pay for the dry cleaning. She probably didn't realize when she first gave it to you how hard it would be to let it go, and in the end, just wasn't able to. Be the bigger person, pay the bill, and be done with this situation.
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    I would probably just pay for the dry cleaning. Is she being irrational? Yes. It should have been part of the initial agreement that she wanted the dress back and that she expected you to have it cleaned. Maybe at the time she felt that she could cope with letting the dress go and now she just can't emotionally handle it. 
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    You should have paid for the dry cleaning before you gave it back. 
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