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Did you see my link below re: the new Pendergast novel?

They have released the first four chapters and there should still be more.  It's suppose to be the whole "first act", so I'm guessing at least 8-10 chapters?  Of 3 pages each.  :/

Am I wrong in thinking their writing is getting bad?  I went back and re-read Relic and was jumping out of my seat, STILL.  This new one, I'm reading the free chapters and I just want to stop.  It's like a madness that I can't.  I just want to find out WTF Helen is and hope that she dies.  We should buy the new one, split the cost with my mother 3 ways and send it all over, that way we can save money on this.

They'd better up their game with the new one with Corrie Swanson.  I LOVE Corrie and they'd better not screw up their own creation.

I'm ignoring the existence of the Gideon series completely.

Re: HMo

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    i bought gideon at a booksale recently for fifty cents.  that really should have been the cover price.

    dh hasn't read one of their books since "cabinet of curiosities."  i make fun of him all the time because he's always saying things like that: snl hasn't been good since the first season, the simpsons got bad after season 6, i hate music after 1980. 

    but on this one, he is totally right.

    i thought about "relic" and "reliquary" every time the metro stopped or had a breakdown.  and i totally wish someone would write a GOOD book about the underground people of new york.  AND IS THE PRIVATE SUBWAY REAL? 
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    There is a documentary on the subway people of new york.  I haven't watched all of it, b/c I have to watch it in pieces.

    Dark Days:  On Netflix instant.

    I am with your DH.  Ever since they started this nonsense of trilogies, it's sucked.
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