Rehearsal Dinner Invitees?

hi everyone,

I am getting ready to send out RD invites (!!) and was curious who all to include.  Aside from the WP, pastor, organist, readers, and the ceremony musician, do I also invite the seating ushers?  1 would be attending anyways as it's the husband of my MOH/sister so I should probably invite the other usher and his gf, huh??  My mom is paying for everything so Im inviting her of course, but do I invite my dad, and fiance's family who aren't contributing/involved much?  Wanna keep it low budget here....and not invite too many!!!

Re: Rehearsal Dinner Invitees?

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    You should invite your parents.. both of them on both sides. But i think since one usher is the H of your sister, you don't have to invite the other one just because. It would be a nice gesture.
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    Personally if you are trying to keep it low budget I would choose to not invite the oragnist, the ushers (if they are not family or SO) and possibly the readers unless you think they really need the practice or are super close to you. Yes, you should definatley invite your dad and FI's paents--I feel like there is no question with your close family. JMO

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    Parents and grandparents, really whomever will be seated during the processional, should be the first people you invite. Wedding party and others who have roles in the wedding - which includes ushers IMO - should also be invited. As pp said, I wouldn't invite the officient and organist. I view the rehearsal dinner as an intimate affair for family and your closest friends you've asked to help you through your big day.
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