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Sooooo Stressed

Well I have finally told my family we are getting married. We have picked a date November 27, 2010. This date is not solid we still have to talk to the pastor. Well now that they know they have been pusheing and nagging us into moving the date to better fit them. Is this right for them to do? We are the ones paying for the whole thing. We want to get married before the end of the year. Want should I tell them. Now its not the whole family mainly it is my mother syaing all of this. My grandmother has not voiced any of the things my mother has said she has. What should I do. We really want to get married this year how do i get them off my back. Their points of pushing are its close to the holidays, there is no money, doing it in december will be taking the spot light from my daughters birthday, there will be no money for gifts, and the clothes are too exspencive and noone has money for them. HELP!!!!!Yell

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    What's the hurry?
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    You say, "We are getting married on Nov. 27. While it would be lovely if you could be there, we understand if you cannot attend."
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    Well, I can't fully disagree with your parents.  A wedding in less than 3 months at the start of the holidays will be a pain in the butt and nobody has had time to plan or save.  If you're doing a JOP with a small reception sure, a full scale church and ballroom could be rough.
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    You chose Thanksgiving weekend? I didn't look at a calendar but that dates sounds right to be Thanksgiving weekend.
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    [QUOTE]You chose Thanksgiving weekend? I didn't look at a calendar but that dates sounds right to be Thanksgiving weekend.
    Posted by skippylouwho[/QUOTE]

    It is Thanksgiving weekend...  I would have chosen another weekend personally... if your guests are from out of town, then a three day weekend or a two day (what makes a wedding) is sufficient...

    What dates does your priest have available??

    ETA: But if you are paying for it yourselves, you can take into consideration dates from your family, but realize you aren't going to be able to please everyone :)

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