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I've been watching the last season of RH of NJ. A couple of comments:

- Teresa gets worse and worse as the episodes go on, as does her husband. Her kids are awful, but I almost wet myself when Milania said to her dad, "GIMMIE PIZZA YOU OLD TROLL!!".

- I am not a fan of Melissa, but compared to Teresa she's a damn saint. Her bolted on boobs and her 4 foot tall husband weird me out.

- Kim G getting thrown out of a party? Classic.

- I want to punch Jacqueline's daughter Ashley in the face. Numerous times. I was watching the intervention episode this morning and DH walked in and said, "are you sure you want a daughter?". He also noted immediately that her real dad and Chris, as well as Jacqueline and the step mom seem really patient and he didn't understand WTF she can't get it together. Although, them buying her a new Jeep was ridiculous.
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    Now I saw it.  Gah.

    I didn't watch RHoNJ last season.  I couldn't take it.
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    I didn't watch it while it was on either because it was exactly as I imagined it would be. But now I'm sucked in.

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    I've been catching this season here and there.  Theresa and her whole family are spoiled twits.  I can't WAIT to see her on Celebrity Apprentice.

    Melissa grew on me over the season.
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    I'm excited for that too, 6. There's bound to be a ton of drama.
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