When should I give the gifts?

My "friends" Bridal shower is this Saturday & I have the BM gifts ready to give. I wanted to give them @ the shower. But I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do (or should I give them a shower thank you gift?)
The reason I want to give them their gifts now is because it has stuff for the wedding that I've kept a secret. Jewelry & their shoes. They have been asking me about the shoes & I keep putting them off, changing the subject, etc...
Should I split the gifts? Give them 2 gifts (BM gift & then shower thank you gift)?

Re: When should I give the gifts?

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    briandbry2010briandbry2010 member
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    I gave my girls the first half of their gifts after my friends shower on Sunday. The other half is lunch and pedicures the day before the wedding
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    I think it would be ok to split the gifts. But maybe give them their shoes now.
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    jennlinjennlin member
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    i would give it to them soon..if i were a BM, i'd be irritated that you didn't have shoes/jewelry detail so close to before the wedding.
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    Another question... If I give the girls their gift now, I will have to give the GM their gifts soon too.. Their gifts has their wedding stuff in it too. Cuff links, socks (to be funny) & their ties.... FI could give them to them at the bachelor party, but i'd be afraid they will get drunk & loose them. I'd just rather give them to them all in a safer environment.

    Maybe we will have a wedding party bbq :) i don't know....
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    I like the wedding party bbq and agree with NOT giving it to them at the Bach party.  Because if they are anything like my FI's friends - they will be intoxicated before the festivites even really begin. :)

    But I agree with PP that you should give them sooner than later.
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    melissa82melissa82 member
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    Are you having a rehearsal dinner? You could just give the gifts out then.

    But I'd give the shoes now. There's no way to really know if they're going to fit/be comfortable without the girls trying them on. They may need to exchange a size. They don't really need the jewelry in advance.
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