Wedding Woes

Dude is going to get smacked.

I am sitting in a waiting area and some guy has been running through ALL of the text alert sounds for his freaking iphone for the last 10 minutes. He is still going. Just playing each one back to back to back. 

I am hungry, i still have one more blood draw, and I am short on patience.

Re: Dude is going to get smacked.

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    Do it!   Or, you know, ask him nicely to stop.  Although I'd have a really hard time keeping a nice tone to my voice.
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    Yes, I'd be smacking the isht out of him.
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    He finally stopped. I was trying to be nice and not get up, especially since it is one of the security guys. I thought it was a volunteer at the information desk, but it was the frekaing security guard. WTF?
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