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First bummer of DH's job

He has to work 3-11p for 2 wks.  It's a massive, massive project that is getting a lot of notice, but it's a bummer he's going to be working 3-11 for my bday.  It's better than the 2 wks of 6a to 10pm would have been working at the old place though.

(and have I mentioned he gets 3 wks of PAID paternity leave?)

Re: First bummer of DH's job

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    That stinks. DH did 3-11 for a while and I hated it because he'd come to bed and always wake me up.

    Here's hoping the project wraps up quickly and no more of this!
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    I hope the 2 weeks go quickly for you.
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    that really isn't TOO bad, considering he has the entire morning to be at home, and 11pm is not that late. it stinks that he isn't home for bedtime (the kids, and probably yours), but it's temporary.

    just think of all the night time TV you can watch by yourself for the next 2 weeks!
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    FI right now is working on a film that is doing all night shoots, so 6pm to 6am. We just miss each other every day, so it's like we're both living alone. Except the pile of laundry keeps growing.
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