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- I was dream fighting with dh when he woke me up (my alarm was going off).  I snapped at him and he was all confuzzled.

- January 4 and I still have 3 Christmas gifts to buy.  We are doing my family this weekend and DH's next.

- M2 has never been a huge fan of DH's.  He was sitting on the floor last night and she crawled into his lap.  She stood, put an arm on either side of his head, and shoved her face into his cheek.  I almost had a TexasFiona moment...until the little stinker started blowing raspberries.

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    -Ha.  I've done similar stuff. 
    -I'd be the same way if we had a late Christmas.
    -Awww...that's adorable.

    I have no randoms because my brain is mush due to DefConn being up on and off all night last night.  I don't think there's going to be enough coffee today.  And I'm working overtime today. It's definitely a 2 pot day, that's for sure.
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    I am grumpy in the morning.  I snap at H almost every morning.  He is not cornfuzzled at all. 

    I prefer Christmas after Christmas.

    It's okay to go a little TF on that.  Too sweet.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Awww. I didn't get quite that TF last night watching H read to the boys at bedtime, but it was pretty damn sweet.

    And man, I am so glad our Xmas is over. I hate the holidays, and I would totally hate if they dragged well into January.

    Unfortunately the end of the holidays also means the city is taking down the holiday decorations that the boys LOVED. Tonight's ride home from daycare will be interesting.

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