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My boobs look amazing and a great deal inside

I bought my first normal bras in 3 years last night.  For 3 years, I have worn nursing/maternity bras.

Lane Bryant has all their bras and panties Buy 2 Get 2 Free.  I got 4 bras for $80!

I got a couple plunge bras that make my boobs look fake.  Srsly.  They're up high and close together and nicely round.  I haven't been this excited about my boobs in years.  The other two bras are just normal every day bras.  They're very comfortable and I feel very supported.

Did you know they have pretty much ALL cup sizes?  I saw tons of Bs and Cs.  I think the smallest band size was a 36.  So anyway, it's worth checking out even if you don't have ginormous boobs.

Also, my F boobs have deflated to only a DD now that nursing is winding down.  DD is my pre-DD1 pregnancy size.  I never thought they'd be this small ever again.  :)

Re: My boobs look amazing and a great deal inside

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