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So i was looking for the wedding book of the people i work for and saw a picture of their cake. i am using the same vendor. Their cake was visibly lopsided!! They said it tasted amazing but that yeah it didn't look very good.  It was a five layer cake, but the two layers on top of the base were really thin and it makes sense that it couldn't support the two top layers.

The cake baker works at one of the TOP hotels in Honolulu and her prices are very reasonable because it is a side hobby for her. She was reccomended by a good friend of my mom's and i really don't want to back out When i went through her book, her cakes were very beautiful. 

Im doing a basic three tiered square cakewith a peacock on top, with its tail cascading down. But argh now im worried!.

Should I email her and be like, hey i saw these pictures can u make sure its not going to be tipping over? that just seems rude to me but hmmm what to do. I wouldn't be heartbroken if the cake is not perfect, as long as it tastes yummy. but still I would rather not be worrying about the possibility for the next 7 months.

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    Well, FWIW, if the top 2 lays of the 5 layer cake were lopsided due to weight/support then since you have a 3 layer, it sounds like you might not have to worry about the same issue on yours?  Maybe talk to her and mention that you want to double check and make sure the peacock thing won't be too heavy for the cake layers or something along those lines and see what she says?
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    i wouldn't say, i saw pics and please don't f mine up...

    i might just say.. would there be anyway for it to tip over? thats my fear... or something.

    i think you should be fine, like pp said, the bottom three layers should be fine.
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