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If you're still here, how is everything going?

Re: ~nicole~

  • So far, so good.  DD is 1 week, 1 day old today.  The bfing is going really well and exponentially less painful, but still not painless at this point.  She's staying awake longer now and it's nice to have her eyes open and alert after feedings.
  • YAY!! Does she have Dad wrapped around her finger already?
  • Yes and no.  When it's convenient he loves giving her attention.  Then there are the times he'd rather let me deal, but that feeling goes both ways.  He does make a point to tell her hello and goodbye and offers to burp her while I switch or clean up my boobs.
  • I have a feeling that H might be a bit like this. I already warned him that if I'm getting up in the middle of the night to feed the kid he's getting up to bring the kid to me. And he can't get out of diaper duty the way he gets out of litter box duty.
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    That's good to hear nicole.  The bfing will continue to get better each time.
  • I will say this - if I ask H, he's Johnny-on-the-Spot.  He's right there, 1/2 awake and doing whatever I ask.  If I get up in the middle of the night to feed, he always rolls over and asks if he can bring me a drink or blanket.  If he smells/feels a dirty diaper, he changes it.  I had a high fever the other night, and he had keys in his hands at 3am, ready to go pick up drugs at Walgreens.  I think there's just a learning curve still going on for him.
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