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Re: the Cambodia question

Here is the case law necessary to prove that the Cambodia question is no question at all if you KNOW THE GODDAMN LAW![url][/url]

Re: Re: the Cambodia question

  • Exactly, Wz. He had an entire campaign in which Hillary, McCain, Palin, Bob Barr, John Edwards, Giuliani, Ron Paul---any opponent---could've spent and probably did spend millions trying to dig up dirt on him, and this never came up.
  • I just get so irritated that people are passive players in information.  I spent 10 minutes with Google and the phrase "Obama Cambodia".  This was on the 2nd page.  If you read through the comments, you also find out that the school he went to was private, not public, so the "Cambodian only citizenship" wouldn't have applied anyway.If you have a question, LOOK FOR THE ANSWER.  Don't just sit there passively and let anyone spoon feed it to you, conservative, moderate, liberal, libertarian, whatever.  I don't care if it's FOX, CNN, or MSNBC or Daily Kos or other blogs...they're all out for ratings and/or hits, not actual news.  I think once news left the network stations, if went flying downhill in terms of actual information.
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