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Nuvaring users

I'm scheduled to take the ring out on Sunday, but I've already started spotting, along with some light cramps.Fabulous.Has this happened to any of you before? Seriously BC is becoming more and more frustrating to me. It seems like whatever method I use (pill, ring) works for 6 months, and then my body adapts to the hormones or whatever, and I get spotting before my period. I'm not into the 2 week periods, thanks.
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Re: Nuvaring users

  • Yes, but I never had the spotting all the time.
  • This is the first time it's happened on the ring. I'm going to ride it out, and take the ring out as scheduled on Sunday. We'll give it another month to straighten itself out. I'm looking forward to going off BC in January and beginning to chart.
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