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Her counselor called me around three to inform me that they are going to wait until Wednesday to take any serious action and if their session does not work then she will be emitted. He said she could be in for three weeks to a year. My sister is unaware of this and I am not allowed to inform her. It is making it really hard. I finally had to tell my mom that my sister may be getting emitted and she freaked out saying something about demonic activity. The exact reason I didn't tell her earlier. The counselors want my parents to stay out of it because they are no help. I  believe in God but my parents take things to an extreme. I don't want my sister to have to deal with them. Well that is all, I will probably post an outcome on Wednesday. I am just hoping its a good one! Thank-you for your guys support last night.
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Re: Sister Update...

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    Hang in there, and keep us posted. Keep in mind that while this is tough, it's all in her best interest.
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    being admitted can be sucky--but it's a safe place for her.  and, if she's willing to let it help, it can help a LOT.If she's admitted, let me know, I'll get into the 'nitty gritty' bits about what is/isn't kosher in the wards a bit more, if it'll help.
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    I am late on this and just read your OP, but I second everything everyone else to you before. It has been years now, but my family went through a rough patch and we did some counseling together, it was helpful to be able to talk to someone not emotionally involved about how I was feeling. I hope you find a group or counselor you are comfortable with and able to talk things out yourself.
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    Luky sounds like the counselors have her best interest at heart. I'd listen to them. It sounds like you're right not to let your parents in on everything. Here's a story for you: ex BFF's mom had MPD. Her immediate family was told that THEY were welcomed back at the kingdom hall, but she would not be, because she was possessed by the devil. They all left the kingdom hall and found one much farther away. If you believe in God now would be a good time to pray for him to heal your heart, and your sister's heart, and give you both clarity and strength.
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    ah ha.  it all make sense now.  ma and pa luky are uber fundies.  good luck with that.  i hope your sister gets the help she needs.
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    Thanks guys and I hope she gets the help she needs as well.  I wish my parents understood that there really are mental illnesses that cause these things. Not to mention traumatic events that would make most people depressed. My sister has endured more sexual abuse than what anyone should ever have to. I am praying for her andd trying to convince my parents to stop being stupid about the whole thing... Not sure if I am going to get far on that one.
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