I feel silly asking...

but how much do you expect to pay for your Makeup Artist and hair stylist??

I am just struggling to come up with estimates for this. Luckily, we have a girl for our hair already (amazing family friend that works professionally doing hair cuts and styling for fashion shows), but I am still unsure as to how much I should be budgeting? I understand it will vary, but I'm just looking for estimates so I can start to get an idea. I'd ask our friend, but she is so busy with holiday bookings, that I don't want to bother her this early. I'll ask her in March when I see her for a cut, but until then, you guys can hopefully help me out!  Thanks ladies!

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Re: I feel silly asking...

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    It definitely does depend. I think if you want airbrush vs. not makes a difference. If you want someone to come to you, that makes a difference. It's crazy how things add up.

    Don't fret, though. it is possible to find people who do this who are reasonably priced. To give you an idea:

    I'm paying $330 for hair for me, my two bridesmaids, and FI's mom. My hairstylist is coming on site and that includes the trial.

    For make-up I'm paying $130 for the same amount of people and it included the trial today. The make-up artist I hired is also coming on site. It's just regular make up, not airbrush.

    Of course, there are lots of options, though. Hope that helps!
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    Totally depends I think I paid about $330 for mine (the bride hair, make up w/ lashes and trial on location) and each BM was about  $130 for hair and make up too.
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    hsunij, who are you using?
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    Thanks guys! I'm just such a mess with this... almost everything I've got under control except this. :-) We'll figure it out I'm sure. Thanks for the help ladies!
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