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Hi ladies, I need help with my wedding colors.  I have been going back and forth for the last few months, so I thought it was time to ask for some advice.  I don't know if you are supposed to pick the bridesmaid dress colors or the flowers first, but I want to them together so I have the whole color scheme figured out.  Then I feel like I can go forward with save the dates, invitations, etc.   I have been considering the following color schemes, please let me know what you think:

First, I thought I wanted to do purple bridesmaid dresses, with monochromattic flowers in shades of fuschia/magenta, purple, light pink/lavender.  I was thinking I would accent with silver/grey (and use that for the guys ties or whatever)

Then, I saw another wedding at our venue that had all white flowers, and it was beautiful and so elegant.  So, I thought maybe I would do light pink dresses (blush) with all white flowers, and then again accent with silver/grey. This is probably my bridesmaids least favorite choice for dress colors by the way, but if you can't tell, I'm a pink girl :)

Now, my sisters (one who is the MOH and one who is a BM) are pushing for fuschia bridesmaid dresses.  First of all, I love this color, and it's something I wear a lot!  But, I'm having two problems with it.  One, I'm worried that it will look good on my sisters (we're Italian), but might not look as good on the fairer girls.  Second, I'm not sure what color of flowers I would do--so any recommendations would be great! 

If you have any other color schemes that you think would be good, I would love to hear them as well!  Sorry that was such a long post, and thanks in advance for your help!

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    I would pick the first option.  I'm very pale, and I would rather wear a purple/fuschia dress than a pale pink.  Pastels and other light colors tend to wash pale people out, imo.
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    We are doing all white flowers for our wedding... our colors are black/white/silver. You don't necessarily need to match the flowers to the dresses. My BMs are wearing black dresses.

    I like the idea of using shades, that way your girls can find shades that work for their skin tones :o)
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    My colors were fuschia and black.  The fuschia looked great on everyone!
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    I like the first option!
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    I agree with Becca, let them pick whatever shade fits their skin... just keep them all in the same color scheme. :-) That way everyone looks their best.
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    i am also stuck with my wedding colors- currently my girls have fuschia (watermelon) dresses from davids bridal- i LOVE the color but i want the bright pink flowers as there bouqet and for my centerpieces- which is hard to do when they are wearing pink dresses- but i love the way the pink/yellows/and greens look with the pink dresses- the fuschia (watermelon) actually looked good on all my girls- most are italian but some are not and it actually complimented them well!
    then i saw the purple (lapis) and i absolutel lves it with fuscia (the pink) flowers everywhere!!! with a silver accent!  it seems like i picked my flwoers first! i think im going to change my colors to the lapis and accent with the fuschia! picking the colors is so far the hardest part of the wedding planning!
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    Ditto PPs - colors don't have to match.  My girls wore wine red dresses and to make the flowers stand out, I had their BM bouquets done with white and lavender flowers.  I say do the dark purple with white flowers.
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