what is your workout/diet?

So i have been doing this bridal bootcamp one on one training since march 1st and have been on a very very very good diet, no treats or sodas or anything but fruit, veggies meat and protein shakes.... and i've lose 2 lbs. wth?  2? thats it?  ive noticed my arms are looking better, but i guess i expected more results in the last 2 months.  

anyone have any good diets or extra workouts that they can fill me in on! :)  thank you!
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Re: what is your workout/diet?

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    Cardio is good... Strength training is really good for you though as muscle burns more calories than fat!

    Could you be gaining muscle? That always causes people to gain weight
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    I'm the same.  I've only lost 2 lbs but according to my personal trainer I am down 3% body fat (actually he calculated 5% but that seemed too good to be true).  I also went shopping today and discovered I am down at least 1 size.  Just remember: muscle is more dense than fat therefore 1 lb of muscle takes up less space than 1 lb of fat.  And from what I've heard, you'll either gain some weight initially or not change but then after a few months it will start to come off.

    Workout routine for the last several weeks has been strength on Tues & Sat, cardio on Mon, Thurs & Fri (I aim for 3 but really can only get in 2 days of cardio lately).  My diet was restricted to about 1100 calories when I started with the personal trainer and I've been tracking.  Honestly, I maybe hit my goal of 1100 calories like 40% of the time.  Most times I'm about 1300-1400, but I also try to watch the fat intake, make sure my protein is enough, and have been trying to drink more H20.
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    a stick of butter deep fried in crisco..... Wink

    being an OMH is fantastic

    but pre-wedding, i ate lots of salads and watched calorie intake..i wasn't very good with exercising, but in the spurts that i cared, i did about 2 hrs of cardio a day (via 24hour fitness classes), 2x's a week. that's about the most exercise you'll ever get out of me..

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    Don't worry about how many pounds you've lost! It's all relative to how much you currently weigh.

    Hieght of my weight loss was 1200 - 1500 calories/day diet... not really diet, but low cal healthy foods. 30 - 45 min cardio 6 days per week, 45 min strength training 3 days per week. I found that, for me, running was the best way to melt the fat. But it's not easy, for sure!

    Good luck!!!
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    Oh! And make sure you're drinking tons of water and taking your multi-vitamins. Get really good one, not a lot of filler. That helps too :o)
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    Thanks guys! :)  ive been doing cardio/strength 3x a week, and this week the days im not with the trainer i'll be running hills.  i think im still the same size, although weirdly enough i went down 1/2 a shoe size and 1/2 a ring size lol.
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    jennuinnejennuinne member
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    I agree w/ pp that pounds lost doesn't tell you everything.  See how your clothes feel, and take measurements, especially if you're pretty close to your goal weight.

    A few other things to make sure you do:

    1. Make sure your drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day.  I know for me, even when I do everything else right, I don't always lose weight if I'm not drinking enough water.
    2. Make sure you are eating enough calories, too few can also cause you not to lose wieght.
    3. Eat breakfast!
    4. Write down what you eat.
    5. Eat every 3-4 hours, if you go to long between meals or snacks it effects your metabolism.
    6. Take a multi-vitamin.
    7. Switch up your workouts and don't forget to let your muscles rest.
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    dreamwindsdreamwinds member
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    Get a tape measurer and start measuring yourself:

    1) Neck.
    2) Upper arms.
    3) At the biggest part of your chest.
    4) Under your chest.
    5) At your waist.
    6) At your belly button.
    7) At your hip bones.
    8) Around your thighs.
    9) Around your calves.

    Even if you don't lose pounds, you might be losing fat and inches and that matters more.

    Also, it really depends on how much you have left to lose anyway.

    Day in the life of me, weekday:
    Breakfast: protein shake
    Morning snack:fruit or protein bar.
    Lunch: Grilled chicken and salad. (Though I 'cheat' as my body tells me to. Like yesterday, I had a cupcake and a seafood noodle soup for lunch.)
    Afternoon snack: banana at least one hour before my workout.
    Get home from work: At least 30-40 minutes cardio every day, and then an hour of strength training 3 times a week. Then the steam room for 15 minutes.
    Post work out: Protein shake, sometimes supplemented by more protein. I try not to eat anything after 7pm.

    I drink about 72 ounces of water a day and do random pushups from the 100 push up challenge (http://hundredpushups.com/index.html) while at work in my office if I'm bored. I do have a personal trainer I meet 3 times a week.

    My trainer mentioned that if you want to retain your muscle and not lose it you need to eat an equivalent amount of protein to your lean body mass. So, for instance, if you're 120lbs and 30% body fat, you should be eating at least 84 grams of protein a day.

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    Agree with PP... go buy how you feel and how you fit in your clothes, Not by weight. Work outs - Cardio burns fat, lifting builds muscle. If you want to lose more fat extend your cardio work outs a bit. Adding an extra five minutes adds up through out the week. Don't forget to lift though. The more muscles you have the faster your metabilism will be. I love what running does for my body. If you don't run there is a great program called couch to 5k to get you started. Diet - The best thing to do is just eat health. Drink lots of water, no processed or fried food. No soda or sugary juices. And a small treat one a week is okay. If you elimate them completely it is easy to fall off the diet wagon. The healthier you eat the better your works out will be too.
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    Koolkay83Koolkay83 member
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    I have been on the Suzanne Somers diet for 3-4 weeks now. I have done it before and lost 12 lbs and I am doing again for the wedding. I gave up soda for 5 weeks now and feel great.

    For the workouts...I have been doing cardio 3-4 days a week and strength training twice a week when I get the chance.
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