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Hi Ladies,

It was soooo nice to be able to meet you both today and so great to have someone else giving me a little push to finally buy my dress!! Thank you sooo much!!

p.s. Sarack-- I totally think you should do the idea with the shoes and have them green so fun!! :)

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    It was nice meeting you as well!  And I'm so glad you did get that dress - you really look stunning in it!
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    It was very nice to meet you too! You are GORGEOUS! and your dress is really perfect. I'm really excited that you got it! Congrats!
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    Next time I go down there, I am going to try on those shoes. :) They are perfect. The shorter ones for me of course. :)

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    Where'd you guys go? Is it a good resource for others?
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    Sara, did you find green shoes?!?
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    jennyann, i would definately tell you if i found green shoes. I didn't find green shoes but i found, actually elle found and I over heard, that you can buy these shoes from all that shimmers and they will get them dyed for you! :) i don't know how much or anything, but they are really cute. they remind me of 'the' green shoes that every one longs for. :) They are ADORABLE. And, even better, they come in like 3-4 inch heel and a 2 inch heel. Perfect for me!

    Dbraulik- All that Shimmers is a WONDERFUL resource. Love that place. I bought my dress there and others have purchased their dresses there as well.
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