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Jon Krasinski story

My friend is sort of a ditz. She was in NYC with her husband and was walking around when she saw a couple walking a larger dog. For whatever reason, she was intrigued by this because she has a lab and she thinks it would just be impossible to live in a large city and have a large dog. Her husband is in dental school and there is a very real chance that they will be moving to NYC after he graduates for a dental specialization program so that had her even more interested.So she runs over to this dude and starts asking him all sorts of questions about living in NYC with a big dog. The guy just sort of looks at her like "um wtf?" and tells her that they just make it work. Then the girl that's with him yells " JON LET'S GO!" Friend realizes dog is taking crap, girl is annoyed with friend, and she walks away.She gets across the street has a lightbulb moment. It was the guy from The Office. Her husband was like "yeah, didn't you realize it before you ran over there?"So there. Jon Krasinski has a big dog in NYC and they make it work.

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