Im getting married now what??

Talked about it alot but now we are actually doing it and making plans. Im so excited. Just wanted to share that with everyone. :) I know what type of wedding I want (informal) and I know I want a white maxi dress as my dress other than that no clue. Instead of a reception we are just doing to do dinner somewhere with everyone. Any ideas on where we should go in the Seattle area where parking isnt a pain in the but and its vegetarian friendly? We are coming from the Fort Lewis area. 
Thanks Ladies

Re: Im getting married now what??

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    Are you wanting a place that can house a ceremony AND reception? How big are you talking, guest count wise?
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    Not sure about parking. They take reservations for 20

    If you want pain free parking I suggest going to the Eastside- Bellevue.
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    Hi ladies
     Thanks for the responses, I think we are all set with the ceremony. My FI and I talked last night about the ceremony and decided we would rather spend the money on the dinner and our house . Im almost embarassed to say he wants to have the ceremony at the Shotgun Wedding Ceremony place. :( He says to make a statement that we are "anti fancy". Which will look strange with him in his uniform and me all dolled up, but compromise right? Arghhh... Anyone ever seen this shotgun place? I have only seen pics. As for the after party (reception) we should have about 40 people with me being the only vegetarian in the group. So Veggie friendly is best.  Im not fammiliar with Seattle real well yet. We have been there 4 or 5 times since we moved to Fort Lewis (Tacoma area) in June. I was there with the pre in laws last weekend and they were REALLY frusturated with the parking sittuation down town. They are from a small town in FL so the big city stuff drives them crazy. So a place not in the touristy area would be awesome. I was hoping for Italian but the FI already shot down Bucca di Beppo for whatever reason. Still italian would be great. I really want to explore Seattle but its a daunting task lol. 
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    I LOVED the place where we had our RD (Rehearsal Dinner), it was in Ballard at Portage Bay Cafe.  Portage Bay Cafe is open to the public for Brunch/Lunch, but they also have a catering company that has AMAZING organic food (and SUPER Vegetarian friendly).  I had a great time communicating with them, and they are really fantastic with working with your budget.  The Ballard location would probably be a little small for 40 guests, but Portage Bay also has 2 other locations that can handle 40 people:  University District and South Lake Union.  Here's their site:

    Another place that I LOVE is located in Bothell (just North of Seattle, so that could be a good way to avoid city/parking problems), and is called Preservation Kitchen.  Here's their site:
    I would have had our RD here, but the price was a little more expensive than Portage Bay.  But the food is YUMMY.  A Knottie from 2010 had her reception there and had a great time and gave it a good review.

    Then my last recommendation would be for Eastlake Bar & Grill:  http://www.neighborhoodgrills.com/eastlake/private-dining.html
    There are other Neighborhood Bar & Grills, but I think the private dining area at Eastlake is best.  The prices look reasonable, with veggie options.  Parking isn't as bad in Eastlake as it is in other parts of Seattle.

    I hope that helps!
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    After picking a venue you should look into getting a photographer. Chris Ohta Photography is amazing!!!  They are there for you from the start and want to capture your special day telling the story through your eyes. chrisohta.com
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    Have you looked at photographers yet? That's somewhere you need to look too.
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