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Just a quick (probably stupid) question......after getting married we should have a copy of the marriage license, right?  To take in to the various agencies to get my last name changed?  I got married about 2 weeks ago and never got a copy of it and the pastor isn't responding to calls as of now......

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    you get them when you drop your paperwork back off at the place where you got your license at.  Just request a second copy at that time in case one of the agencies where you change your name wants to keep an original

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    The problem is I don't have a copy at all to give to anybody or drop back off where we got the license....so I was supposed to get that back from the pastor?  I thought they were supposed to mail something in and I got a copy?
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    you were supposed to get the signed papers and then go bring them in (or mail them but I HATE the post office and avoid doing business with them at all costs).  Maybe the pastor does it for you?  I wouldn't have been comfortable with that though...can you go down and make sure the papers were filed and collect your copies then?
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    I know when we got married, our pastor mailed in everything for us.  A few weeks later, we went back to where we got the license, and asked for copies.  They were like $3 each, or something like that.  Since you can't get ahold of your pastor, maybe try to call to see if they have it on file?  The licensing office, that is.
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    I'm with the PP, 

    Our pastor turned everything in for us. When we got back from the HM I went to the Pierce County Auditor's office (where we applied for our license) and requested copies. They were $3 each and they notarize them for you. I would recommend getting at least 3 or 4. Some places/agencies require notarized copies and keep them (the Social Security Office will send it back). You have your notarized copies then you can make your own copies for your files (keep a notarized copy for yourself as well) and you can give photocopies to the agencies that don't require the form to be notarized. 

    I think I only had to show/send the notarized copies for my SS card and my driver's license. I haven't switched the name on my health insurance though. 

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for all the help, I'll check with the licensing office to see if they received it!
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