Fort Worden?

Fiance and I are having the worst time trying to pick a location.  I have about three favorites and they change every few weeks.  Current favorite: Fort Worden.  Anyone have the scoop on ceremony/reception options, food, transportation, where guests should stay, what to do if there's bad weather??  I think it looks like a fantastic option, but I've never been there and I don't know much about Port Townsend.  Any tips are welcome!

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    Ah, I looooove it up there - it's stunningly beautiful.  There are places to stay on Fort Worden, in Port Townsend and in nearby Port Hadlock.  Guests could drive up the canal, or take the ferry over from Seattle (although it's tricky - it gets really full in the summer and doesn't run with low tides).  There's also lots of cute restaurants and bars in Port Townsend, so as a guest, I think it'd be fun to explore.

    The only drawback is that the weather is pretty tempestuous up there.  I'd probably want to schedule a late August/early September date, to try to up the chances of good weather.

    It's probably worth a weekend getaway to check it out and see what you think.  Plus, Port Townsend is adorable, and you could check it all out for yourself.
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    I've only been to Fort Wordon on family trips, so no advice as far as wedding planning... but it's a great place!
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    I'll be going to Fort Worden mid-September for a NWR event, but that's all I can tell you now.
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    My grad program has a yearly retreat that switches off between Fort Worden and another place - last year it was at Fort Worden and that was my first time there.  It was ok and I could see maybe having an outdoor wedding there.  Inside definitely feels like a cafeteria/retreat location though, not exactly "wedding-y".  The food was ok (if they require you use there catering service), but there was an bug issue one morning in the drink machine... ew. 
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    i love fort worden! i used to go with my best friends family every summer and christmas break when we were growing up. you can rent the officers row houses, which are super awesome. there's also the apartments at the end of the row that you can rent out. there's also the camp ground right there, too. my best friends cousin actually got married there... i think her wedding was in the little chapel, but i dont remember where the reception was. but i know it was gorgeous and absolutely perfect. i think their wedding was in september, too. and i know the weather was perfect. fort worden (and port townsend) is a lot of fun... i have nothing but great memories from there! i think its a great place for a wedding!!! let us know what you choose!!!
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    Awesome, thanks! We were actually planning on late August so we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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