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am i crazy?

because i don't see the bfd.Dear Amy: I found out a couple of weeks before we were supposed to get married that my fiance chose the same wedding date as his first marriage. Obviously, we didn't get married. I was disgusted, and everyone I know agrees that it was sleazy, but he doesn't see the harm, feels no remorse and, what's worse, he was mad at me for being upset with him. He refuses to apologize!What just happened here?Tell me, can an otherwise very caring man really be this insensitive? I don't know that I will ever trust him enough to marry him at this point.-- Downright Disgusted

Re: am i crazy?

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    Weird, but not worth calling off the wedding. Guys are bad at remembering anniversaries, he was probably trying to keep it simple.
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    Weird and inappropriate.  I think the bigger red flag is that he didn't let her know it was the same as his first anniversary.And hell, if her trust is that shaky, she probably shouldn't marry him.

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    Insensitive, yes.  Relationship ending, no. DH has called me by his ex-wife's name before.  I don't mind that as long as it doesn't happen all the time.  I won't, however, go on vacation with him to the place that they used to go every summer.  And I insisted on new dishes.  And I won't wear her old bras.  Some things (like anniversary dates) should be new.

    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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