Taking a Photog Risk....

I found a photog that I am seriously considering signing. He is willing to do my photos for a CRAZYY low price.  Including engagement shoot. (We are having a brunch wedding and request only 3-4 hours of his time that day so he is cutting us an even lower deal than his usual pricing).
The catch? He is relatively new to wedding photography. I do like his portfolio a lot, it has a more photojournalistic style and NOT a lot of those artfull  poses (those just are not our style). Obv I do want some posed shots, they are necessary.
I mainly want the basic stuff any way, this isn't going to be a lavish affair. I bought a $120 Ann Taylor wedding dress for example.

But am I crazy for booking a newbie? Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

This is his website www.cjweddingphotos.com, I can't remember if someone here suggested him.

Re: Taking a Photog Risk....

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    I took a look at his website, and while he as a smaller portfolio, the pictures look pretty good. 
    We wanted to do a 2nd set of engagement pictures in Washington DC, and found a photographer with a Living Social deal. He was also new to the wedding world, but our pictures turned out great.

    I don't think you are crazy! Plus with engagement photos, you'll really get to to know him better, and be able to express what you want with your wedding shots.
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    The photographer is always a risk.. if you can look at his pictures and say, I would be happy with those then do it.
    Also check out Heidi Caldwell. She is 900 for the ENTIRE day unlimited time, and my photographer is Kristin Harris, who is also incredibly reasonable and super awesome (also includes the engagement shoot in the package) she is running us about 1,500.

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    If your having second guesses then I would maybe look for someone else. My photographer is just starting out, in fact we are probably going to be her first wedding. It's a huge risk but I love her work on everything else that I am willing to take that risk. It's all up to you.
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