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Love in the Time of CholeraWell, this was alright.  It did make me want to read the book, b/c I think there were some things missing.  After reading just the Wiki summary of the book, I do think the book is probably better at getting the point of the title across.  The movie makes the title just seem like a setting.  Basically, it's a teenage love that the girl lets go of and marries a man for security and some love; the boy never lets go of it, swears to be chaste to her and love her forever.  He does love her forever, but in the meantime he sleeps with 600+ women that he writes about in his journals.It was hard for me to like any of the characters in this movie.  But, I don't think you're really suppose to.  I also don't think it's about this nonsense of "love that can last a lifetime".  I think the main male character was retarded in his growth as a human b/c of this love while the female character grew as a human and ended up returning to a childlike state when she came back to the love.  I liked her more than anyone, but not by much.The acting is superb on everyone's part.  It was like a who's who of Hispanic actors with Javier Bardem, John Leguizamo and Hector Elizando to name a few.  Benjamin Bratt and Liev Schreiber are on it as well.  The camera work is beautiful as well and the locations are amazing.  I would recommend.

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