NWR: What do you think??


CN: Phoenix Jones is let go from his job where he works with Austic children teaching them life skills. He says it is because he is now barred from working with children from his arrest last month, even though no charges have been filed against him.

Phoenix Jones fascinates me-- in exactly a dorky kid living out a super hero fantasy kind of way. I think the article has a point about him putting himself in dangerous situations, but he has been doing that LONG before his arrest. Despite what his does in his personal time I feel sad that he is let go from that position. I think the work he is doing is great, as I myself wouldn't be able to do it. He's been working with some kids for years.

So just curious, what do you think?

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Re: NWR: What do you think??

  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
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    That makes me sad Phoenix Jones was just doing his thing. I feel bad for him. I can't believe he was let go that is ridiculous. 

    I <3 PJ. 
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    I think it's crappy that they let him go because of the arrest.  I am also fascinated by PJ, and I think it's awesome he's trying to be a superhero.  I could understand if he was arrested for molestation or something vile like that, but all he was trying to do was take the trash out. :)

    Working with autistic children=superhero. Too bad.
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    I do understand how PJ wouldn't pass a background check with his current legal troubles, and those kind of background checks are pretty important especially when it involves care of children.  It was his choice to put himself in that situation though.

    But I feel horrible for the children he works with.  My brother is on the lower end of the autism spectrum, and if he lost his state sponsored caretaker when he was young (he had one at the time) it would have been a huge step back in his development.  Those in the spectrum can be so far behind in their development (mental and social), that any step back is a big problem imo.  My brother needs the same people in his life and structure in his life, his routine would be shattered in a change of caretaker so suddenly.
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