Hair..................and Hotel Sorrento

Hello Knotties,

I am 18 mos into a 2 year engagement, and most everything I can think of that can be done before hand is done.   I have a dress, a venue, bridal party stuff, invites.............whatelse am I missing.  The honeymoon was booked before anything else.

Now I'm freaking out about my hair, makeup, nails, etc.  I was suppose to be done with school this month but due to unforseen circumstances I have one more quarter.  I will finish student teaching on December 7 and our wedding is on December 13th.  Needless to say I wont be working up until the wedding as planned so our budget has been a little shot.  But, the major expenses have been taken care of.

So, before my personal budget went down the tube I was planning to get my hair and makeup done the day of and nails and waxing a couple days before.  I thiink I can do my makeup myself -  I've always got lots of compliments about that.  BUT MY HAIR............it's chin length and super SUPER fine.   I have been trying to get it to curl but it falls out before I finish going around my head.  UGH.

Does anyone have any hair stylist to  suggest between Ballard and Capital/First Hill?

What about waxing vs sugaring.  We are leaving for a cruise the day after our wedding and after the last cruise I think I'd be better off getting my leg hair taken care of since the cruise showers are tinsi-tiny. 

Also, we are getting married at the Serrento on First HIll.  We already have it booked and the deposit paid so we aren't changing out mind (my family has had done lots there, so we felt it was a safe move) but I'm curious to know if anyone else has any wedding experience at the Sorrento.

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