Wedding Woes

I have no motivation.

I haven't checked my work email in two days.I am late on a report. It's half written.I said I was bringing copies of the presentation I'm giving today but realized this morning (like an idiot) that I don't have enough copies.I got up early to work, but I have no desire to do it. I'm not burnt out, I honestly think I'm just lazy.

Re: I have no motivation.

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    Even if your just sitting there you're doing something.  Baking a baby takes energy. What's the weather like there?  Could be that too.
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    It's cool here. In the 50's. I think it's also partly my hotel. I came back yesterday and slept until 5:30 pm. Then it was noisy. I didn't realize this hotel was really close to the train tracks and a highway, so it's hard to concentrate. My office at home, and most hotels I'm at, are pretty damn quiet.
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    Lazy = the prevention of tired. I'm all for it!
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