Pet sitting suggestions?

Anyone use a pet care service, either in-home or boarding? We have two cats. We'll need care for 9 days while we're honeymooning. Thanks so much if you have any recommendations!

Re: Pet sitting suggestions?

  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
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    maybe look on care.com they have pet sitters I think. I make my family take the animals when we go out of town.

    Your vet will probably take them as well
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    I've heard good things from co-workers about:
    Bone-A-Fide dog ranch
    Susan Von Beck at Cardiff’s Lodge at Hunterdon Farms
    Doggy Haven
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  • Frogger5Frogger5 member
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    Thanks everyone! Now to decide :)
  • KatiScarletKatiScarlet member
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    Wait!  My old roomie has been pet sitting for years now.  She's even staying with our dog while we're away.  PM me if you still need someone and I'll send over her email address. 
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  • Frogger5Frogger5 member
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    Thanks, Kati - we booked already. Hope it works out!
  • LGM22LGM22 member
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    If anyone needs a dog place we use Disco Dog Ranch up in Snohomish.  They are beyond awesome.  They have lots of land and the dogs run free and play all day, then they sleep in the same room on trampolines at night.  Each dog goes up to see the place beforehand to make sure there's no aggression issues.  The owner used to work at Bone-a-Fied.  We love it for our younger dog who loves running and playing outside all day, and when he comes home he's so mellow and quiet it's not even funny. 
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