Wedding Woes


I haven't seen you respond to the update: Ok ladies, This is it. FI is back (since late Thursday). We talked (and listened to each other) for 4.5 hours straight and are going to see a therapist today, apart from pre-marital counseling. We decided to get professional help before walking away, we (and I) thought that was the most adult and civilized action to take. While I did not agree with his actions, I do understand taking the time to evaluate ones life before making life altering decisions that affect more than oneself. I'm glad this happened prior to getting married. We have a long road ahead and I'm doing my best to not remain pissed so we can work through serious issues. Thanks for ALL the advice, even those that said leave him, that made me check-in with myself before he came back. The most important decision made was to live apart until our move in December to work on ourselves. Thanks for the prayers, sista-girl comments, and mirrors you held up to my face, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.....I'm sure you all know that already.

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