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hair trial and dress fitting! PIP

If you're wondering why I am posting at 5:15 am EST, it is because I cannot sleep! This is my hair trial and dress fitting from today. Didn't get to do make up trial because the hair appt ran over. I love the way the hair turned out. We are omitting the hair band because it doesn't quite match the dress. Too bad because I LOVED it. :-( I'm trading it in for a flower fascinator. 

As for the dress, the only alterations it needs is to be shortened and the straps taken up a bit. When I first bought the dress last summer, I was having some GI issues (for which I had surgery but that's a whole other story) and weighed about 10 pounds less. I was pretty much swimming in it. Today was the first time I've tried it on since and I've filled it out. Yay! 
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